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Postdoc positions in Harmonic Analysis

2020 -- 22 23

Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

University of Crete

Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (H.F.R.I or ΕΛ.ΙΔ.Ε.Κ.) Grant

Principal Investigator: Mihalis Kolountzakis

Research postdoc positions are available for varying durations in the period 2020-22 23. The subject of the grant concerns mostly the applications of Harmonic Analysis to problems of Discrete Geometry, but this will be interpreted broadly. More specifically the grant calls for work in the general area of exponential bases and their relation to tiling problems (my own list of publications will give a good idea of the subject).

The candidates should have experience in Harmonic Analysis and/or Discrete Geometry and a good research record.

The gross annual salary begins at roughly 17 thousand euros (depending on experience and family situation) which comes to approximately 1100 euros net monthly income. This is slightly less than the Lecturer salary in Greece. There is also some travel money.

Current postdocs:

  1. Giorgos Chasapis (September 2022--December 2023)
  2. Stefanos Aivazidis (September 2022--December 2023)
  3. Nikos Karamanlis (August 2021--August 2022)
  4. Effie Papageorgiou (October 2020--March 2023)

29 Jan. 2020: Informal expressions of interest are invited on a continual basis. Please attach your CV to your email sent to kolount AT gmail.com.